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The Peninsula Council has provided the following News and Information for the residents of New Seabury.

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New Seabury Homeowners Association Newsletter

New Seabury Homeowners Association Newsletter



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Homeowners Away Check Listpdf icon

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Peninsula Council Annual Meetings

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New! Walking Trail Guide
New Seabury walking trails guide

New Seabury Recycles
Find out the latest news about recycling in New Seabury……. learn more

Neighborhood Watch
The Homeowners at New Seabury must continue to be vigilant……. coming soon!

Security Update
The Peninsula Council has had meetings with the Chief of Police of Mashpee, about various matters……. learn more

The ARC Guidelines & Specifications prohibit use of woodchips because they are not aesthetically pleasing; they are toxic and will kill grasses, plants, etc.

Crushed Shells
The ARC Guidelines and Specifications prohibit the use of crushed shells because of the bright white color, damage to roads and drains and the use of crushed shells is more a Nantucket type design which does not fit within New Seabury. Maushop Village is the only village allowed to use crushed shells.

Tree Management Program pdf icon
The Peninsula Council and the ARC will continue the Tree Management Program. For more information…

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