Home, Trim & Door Materials and Colors

New Seabury Homeowners Trim ColorsThe Home, Trim and Door materials and colors document has been updated and is available for review. The colors that are listed are considered monochromatic colors and are not meant to be bright colors but rather colors that blend into the environment. The list provided are colors chosen because they fit within the idea that New Seabury was original designed and also work well with the trim, roofing and door colors that are also listed. Your home should blend into the environment but at the same time give us an idea into the heart and soul of the homeowner. You are welcome to bring in a color sample for our review that may not be on the list but does fit within our color scheme.

All colors listed here in our website are also available in our office for your review. The colors are obtained from Botello’s (Benjamin Moore and Cabots) and from the Sherwin Williams store in Falmouth on Route 28.