Inspections and Certificates

  1. Certificate of Approval of Plans and Specifications
    Upon completion of the review process, the Committee will issue a Certificate Approving the Plans and Specifications as finally approved in conformance with the schedule as set forth in the applicable Village or Master Declaration. A Permit Certificate signifying ARC approval will be issued at the same time. The Permit Certificate must be posted visibly on the site during construction. The Committee’s role in the construction process does not end here.
  2. Limits of Clearing Inspection
    Prior to clearing, a “Limits of Clearing” Inspection must be requested. A construction fence delineating the limits of work and protecting the areas to be left undisturbed must be installed. The trees to be saved, within the “Limits of Clearing”, must be flagged. The trees to be removed, outside the “Limits of Clearing” must also be flagged and the house corners should be staked for this inspection. When approved, the Committee will issue a letter of approval.
  3. Foundation Inspection and Certificate
    A Foundation Inspection should be requested once the foundation is poured, backfilled and graded consistent with the approved Landscape Plan. An “As Built” Foundation Plan must be submitted to the ARC prior to scheduling the Inspection. When approved, the Committee will issue a Certificate approving the foundation as poured. The framing of the dwelling and appurtenant buildings must not begin until this Certificate has been issued.
  4. Framing Inspection
    The Framing Inspection should be called for upon completion of framing, but prior to the installation of electrical and mechanical systems, insulation, siding, windows, doors, and roof tiles. When approved, the Committee will issue a document of approval.
  5. Final Inspection / Certificate of Compliance
    At the time of completion of construction, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to call the ARC office and ask for the Final Inspection. A member of the ARC will verify compliance with the construction documents and Plan(s) as approved at Final Review.
    NOTE: Any proposed changes to the approved architectural or landscape plans must be submitted to the ARC for approval prior to their implementation at the site.Minor discrepancies will be noted on the Record Plans. Major discrepancies will require the submittal of revised plans to the ARC and must be approved, corrected or otherwise satisfactorily resolved prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance. Full compliance will result in the return of the PGF.The Architectural Review Committee reserves the right to recover legal expenses in the event of enforcement of compliance with these Guidelines and Requirements.NOTE: In the event that the subject project is not built to approved Plans and the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the ARC the deposit amount will be forfeited irrespective of whether a Certificate of Compliance is subsequently issued, and a Certificate of Non-Compliance may be issued and recorded with the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds. This document will affect the clear title and would affect the ability to finance and convey the property.
  6. Final Inspection
    The ARC will issue a letter of compliance or a Certificate of Compliance when the Final Inspection has been successfully completed.

Certificate of Approval