New Seabury Recycling Initiative

recycle-logoIn fall 2007 the Peninsula Council formed the New Seabury Recycling Committee to explore recycling options for our community. The primary goals were to embrace “green” practices that would reduce wear on our roads and improve road safety. The committee meets regularly with new members always welcome.

A major thrust of our work is to educate New Seabury residents about the benefits of recycling and the ways to get involved. Perhaps you have questions about haulers picking up your recycled items along with your trash. Check out our Trash Haulers for information on local haulers and their services, including the committee’s recommendations. Maybe you are wondering if a permit is required to use the Recycling Center of the Mashpee Transfer Station.

You do not need a  station permit to recycle- you do need proof of Mashpee residency. If you are seasonal, and your license reflects your other address, you may use an electric, gas, or water bill as proof. Also you can stop by town hall to pick up a paid copy of your real estate tax bill.


The following items are now eligible for recycling at the transfer station:

Plastic buckets and pails
Milk crates
Laundry baskets
Lawn furniture
Flower pots
Trash cans

New Seabury Recycling Committee

  • June Levy
  • Tom Caston

We are always looking for volunteers!